The Mike Turzai Announcement

Speaker Mike Turzai

Gubernatorial Announcement Video Transcript

Remarks As Delivered | Filmed at Bedford Diner, Bedford PA
(Embargoed until November 15, 2017, 6:15 ET)

As Speaker of the Pennsylvania House, we’ve been the last line of defense against every imaginable scheme to take away your hard earned dollars and freedom.

We’ve stopped billions in taxes on working families.

We blocked massive new taxes on jobs—all across the Commonwealth—and at the very moment when we were about to unleash real energy independence. Against blistering, million dollar attacks, we dug in, fought back, and protected those jobs.

When liberal special interest groups bussed in hundreds of paid protesters to block the Capitol hallways and offices, we listened to a louder majority—the people who work, make things, and give back to our communities.

House Republicans fought back a wave of unseen taxes that would have hit hard working families on phone and utility bills.

You know, since coming into office, Governor Wolf has had a cradle to grave strategy to raise taxes—from diapers and daycare to caskets.

Wolf wants to keep Harrisburg just the way it was with backroom deals and patronage.

When we proposed an end to Pennsylvania’s Soviet-style wine and spirits system, Wolf vetoed it, but we fought back with reform that allows you to buy wine and beer in grocery stores.

We can’t keep running government this way, always on the defense, always trying to stay one step ahead of the old politics that holds us back.

Look, I know we can balance budgets without handing our children the baggage of generational debt.

And I know we can bring families back from the edge of poverty and drug addiction without funding the same failing welfare programs in the same way, year after year.

I know we can find a way to free students trapped in failing schools, and give parents a real choice that prepares their children to lead lives of character and achievement.

And that means real choices—including quality career and technical training—choices that give every Pennsylvania student a chance to develop her or his God-given talents.

And with your help, I know in a state with compassionate citizens, we can move closer to a Pennsylvania where every child—born and unborn—is welcomed and valued.

This is why we’ve been fighting so hard, and it’s why I’m running for governor.