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About Mike Turzai

Mike Turzai and #PAFightsBack is a challenge to move Pennsylvania from defense to offense against high taxes, reckless spending, and generational debt. Turzai is the battle-tested conservative leader for governor, and his campaign is a call to arms for every freedom-loving Pennsylvanian.

As the state representative from Bradford Woods, Turzai challenged Capitol culture by helping lead a successful repeal of the unconstitutional legislative pay raise. As the Republican Majority Leader, he led the fights for long-stalled reforms to limit state spending, cut taxes, and make every dollar of state spending public and online. Turzai and House Republicans were credited with delivering one of the most pro-growth job agendas in decades.

As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Turzai has been the most vocal and effective opponent of Governor Tom Wolf’s multi-billion-dollar strategy to raise taxes on families and job creators.

The Battle-Tested Conservative: A Leader for Life, Liberty, and Personal Freedom

  • Blocked tens of billions of dollars in proposed spending and tax hikes.
  • Ended Pennsylvania’s Soviet-style approach to wine and beer to allow sales in grocery stores and other modern, customer-friendly retail outlets.
  • Protected thousands of jobs by defeating multiple attempts to pass Wolf’s taxes on energy-sector jobs.
  • Passed major reforms aimed at ending job-killing lawsuit abuse.
  • Delivered the first installment of major changes to unsustainable state pension programs.
  • Expanded school choice for tens of thousands of students.
  • Passed historic pro-life legislation to require uniform health and safety standards for unsafe abortion clinics.
  • Led Pennsylvania’s opt-out of taxpayer-funded abortions through Obamacare.
  • Defended 2nd Amendment liberties by passing The Castle Doctrine—guaranteeing the lawful use of firearms in self defense.

Turzai FamilyA lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, Mike was born in Sewickley and raised in Moon Township. After graduating from Our Lady of Sacred Heart High School in 1977, Mike earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame before earning his Juris Doctor from Duke University in 1987.

Mike and his wife, Dr. Lidia Turzai—a Pittsburgh-area pediatrician—have three sons, Andrew, Stephen, and Matthew. The family is active in church, school, and community activities near their home in Marshall Township.